SEO Expert, Job description, outline and advantages

Seo introduction, advantages and disadvantages:

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a basic and an essential skill for anyone who have anything to do with the internet or web. It is the practice of increasing the amount of traffic on your website e.g. e-commerce, blog or any other business website.

It is no secret to anybody that the current epidemic of COVID-19 has left a number of businesses dry. Fortunately for some, it also gave boost to the online market as well. A number of people started earning money online. There are a number of ways you can earn money through the internet like blogging, YouTube, Freelancing and many others. In present era, we all are well familiar with the internet and popular web search engines like Google or Bing. The fact still unknown to many is that, apart from the direct traffic that any online business receive there is another factor which helps any business to succeed i.e. traffic from the search engines. Today there are billions of websites and blogs on the internet and out of which there are about 200 million websites that are still up and running. Therefore there is a very tough competition in the field of content writing, blogging and online business stores. Almost every well-known website races to climb its way up on the ladder to be the top ranking website on Google. Here arises a question. How can websites can climb this ladder and be ranked number 1 or at least get enough traffic to live a fulfilling life? The answer to this question is simple. Google uses SEO to determine the content of any website. SEO helps it to analyze the quality of the content, its demand, its versatility and above all its uniqueness.


An SEO expert can turn any dying business into a healthy and flourishing one in just a couple of months. Their job is simple yet difficult to master. They write new content or some time rewrite the content of others to make it such that it will be picked by the search engine. They plant little keywords or phrases in the content that are highly probable to be used by many persons using the search engines.  They have developed various testing methods, designs and advertising techniques to generate effective and healthy traffic. Well the world of internet keeps on changing and evolving therefore, there is a dire need for a SEO expert to be versatile and keep on learning.


Some pros of this job description are given below:

  • It is cheap to learn
  • It doesn’t require a great amount of knowledge to get started and one can learn it simultaneously.
  • Best SEO professionals can earn as much as some seasoned software developers.
  • It can be learned by anybody having a little knowledge of internet e.g. College Students
  • One can even work from home with just a laptop.
  • Though the competition is tough, the demand is even more.


Some cons are listed as follows:

  • It is hard to learn.
  • Demands a lot of attention and time.
  • Even though you can start it with little knowledge of the SEO but to succeed and earn appropriate amount of money you must be patient

A number of people stops perusing their career in this field just because they don’t get instant success but the truth to the matter is that for any kind of business to be successful one must remain patient and also a little optimistic. Getting cold feet from initial failures is not an option if you are serious and well devoted in your field.



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